Day 24: June 14th. Lewis & Clark

I slept well last night. I was pretty tired from the trip and the long drive. Overall it was a super fantastic time and both Susanne and I really enjoyed the trailer experience. We decided to name the trailer “Clark” and the truck “Lewis”; they made a good team. It seemed fitting since we didContinue reading “Day 24: June 14th. Lewis & Clark”

Day 22: June 12th. Fuzz and Foxtails

After last nights trip into Bend, the pant count is 3. Three times this trip I have had to wear pants. I know you all wanted to know. We start our drive back home today in earnest with a 6-hour drive out to Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho. Bye-bye Oregon! I guess I’ll haveContinue reading “Day 22: June 12th. Fuzz and Foxtails”

Day 21: June 11th. Oh….(pause)…B (staccato) Reilly

We enjoyed our six days as Tillicum, although if we were do it again we would have probably only spent 4 and moved to a different beach. That is not to say it wasn’t super wonderful. Plus, Susanne’s plans to buy a house on the coast were pretty much nixed once she got to experienceContinue reading “Day 21: June 11th. Oh….(pause)…B (staccato) Reilly”

Day 18: June 8th, Dreary with a chance of Sun

We had a very weird couple from Alaska camp next to us last night. They were nice enough, but weird for sure. I think she was super stoned on something. He smoked like a chimney. It was really cold and windy, and he was hanging around in his shorts. Anyway, they were gone by theContinue reading “Day 18: June 8th, Dreary with a chance of Sun”

Day 17: June 7th, Beach Fattie Babylon

Before I get started on today’s most enthralling blog post. A few pics from the last couple of days: Today we had to switch campsites in Tillicum: moving from site 48 to 12. Kind of a pain, but it gives us a chance to dump and fill the trailer, and I am now thinking maybeContinue reading “Day 17: June 7th, Beach Fattie Babylon”

Day 16: June 6th, Mr. Pokey Pants

It was a very nice sleep last night as we had this wonderful white noise generator called the Pacific Ocean going all night long. Very relaxing. I decided I was going to take the dogs for a run in the morning and Susanne would ride along on the Fattie. Well, “run” is really starting toContinue reading “Day 16: June 6th, Mr. Pokey Pants”