Pulled Pork with Arepas, pickles and a carrot dikon radish slaw

This is a dish that is a fusion of influences from the States, Venezuela and Cuba. We have borrowed and adapted recipes from a variety of sources

Total cook and prep time 11 hours

Coq au Vin

A very famous French classic that I felt compelled to learn how to cook. Be ready for the house to smell absolutely lovely for days. Served with polenta.

Total cook and prep time 4 to 4.5 hours

Chorizo Stuffed Poblanos with Shrimp

An evolutionary dish that we have made through the years with an almost endless number of variations. But always super yummy and sure to please.

Total cook and prep time 3 hours


A true classic. Flan is a custardy Mexican dessert made with eggs, milk, and some sweetener. It’s similar to creme brulee or panna cotta, but with a unique mouthfeel. Chefs bake flan in a water bath to get the dessert’s notoriously silky and creamy texture just right.

Total cook and prep time 1.5 hours

Gochugang Chicken with Root Vegetables

This was a New York Times recipe that we have tweeked to our liking and add a few flares to make it pop.

Total cook and prep time 1.5 hours

Roger’s Super Secret Pork Green Chile

I was on a mission to find a great green chile recipe and was very much frustrated by the “award winning” recipes that I found online. This set me on a mission to develop a green chile recipe that truly honored the beauty of green chiles

Total cooking time 3 to 4 hours