me versus e

There has been an amazing explosion in the number of e-bikes that are out. I think there are more e-bikes than regular bikes. It’s cool. A buddy of mine and I had thought about going into the e-bike business about 15 years ago. We figured the technology would come around, but finally concluded the marketContinue reading “me versus e”

Choice Overload

Life has been good. The weather, in general, is getting warmer. Yeah! Oamaru continues to offer up many good options for fun and exploration, but there have been some less than exciting things too. We came here with no expectation at all that it would be on the list of possible places to live, butContinue reading “Choice Overload”

A Night at the Opera

Things have been going along swimmingly here in Oamaru and we continue to be impressed by the place. Sitting in our Airbnb and looking at the expanse of the ocean, every evening is a treat. It has become exceedingly clear that it was complete luck and quite rare that we had such a close encounterContinue reading “A Night at the Opera”

Yellow-Eyed Steampunk

Oamaru is the steampunk capital of the world. I did not know this before coming here. Well, I didn’t even know what steampunk was, for that matter. Never heard of it. That shows you how non-hip I am. According to the dictionary: noun: steampunk; noun: steam-punk A genre of science fiction that has a historicalContinue reading “Yellow-Eyed Steampunk”

A Whale of a Tail

We left Waitomo, both glad we had come to see the glow worms and very apprehensive about the trip ahead. It wasn’t because the driving from Waitomo to Kaikōura was particularly difficult; it was because it involved another ferry crossing to get from the North Island to the South Island. We were both feeling aContinue reading “A Whale of a Tail”