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Roger and Susanne in Patagonia, 2013

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Susanne and I have embarked on an exciting new phase of our life that will hopefully get us to New Zealand. If not, that is ok too. Over the last few years, it has become very clear that there is great value in starting to simplify our lives. We have been fortunate to be where we are with good health, financial wherewithal and great friends and family to support us. I wanted to capture our adventures as I have with many of our trips through photos and a journal. I hope you enjoy and follow along.

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One of my favorite memories from growing up was going out in the late summer and picking all the wild berries that grew around Humboldt County. It was always such a joy to eat these wonderful blackberries, huckleberries, thimble berries, salmon berries and know that you didn’t pay a thing for them! Yes, it’s true,Continue reading “Elderberries”

Stab Wound

I am happy to report that the stab wound in my hand is getting much better. And I know what you are thinking. No, I did not get into some brawl at the local Wenatchee honky tonk. I managed to stab myself with my leatherman tool. They profess to be instruments of great versatility, likeContinue reading “Stab Wound”

Lake Valhalla

I fussed around with my new fly reel and concluded that it was a piece of junk. No instructions, just an engineering diagram of all the parts. I pretty much took the thing apart trying to figure out how to switch it from a left-hand retrieve to a right-hand retrieve, but to no avail. SusanneContinue reading “Lake Valhalla”

The Count

The count is 267 days currently. That is, New Zealand Immigration has had our application for 267 days now…not that I’m counting. We really thought we would be there by now, but alas we are not and with the ongoing CF called COVID, I am starting to lose hope a bit. I have tried toContinue reading “The Count”


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