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Roger and Susanne in Patagonia, 2013

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Susanne and I have embarked on an exciting new phase of our life that will hopefully get us to New Zealand. If not, that is ok too. Over the last few years, it has become very clear that there is great value in starting to simplify our lives. We have been fortunate to be where we are with good health, financial wherewithal and great friends and family to support us. I wanted to capture our adventures as I have with many of our trips through photos and a journal. I hope you enjoy and follow along.

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6,435 Miles

We have come to the end of Chapter 1 in the Grand Adventure. It started on August 10th in Flagstaff and has ended up back in Flagstaff after a long 6,435 mile, 3-month loop around the Western United States. When we left it was hot and smoky and now we are deep into fall. AlreadyContinue reading “6,435 Miles”

Hasta Luego to Aptos

Well, our time here in Aptos has come to a close. We had a great couple of weeks hanging out with two of the most amazing people I know: Jason and Cynthia. They are fun, kindhearted, generous, and just great to hang out with. We have known them for a long time now and haveContinue reading “Hasta Luego to Aptos”

Atmospheric River

We decided to leave Shelter Cove a day early because the weather was really building up to be pretty bad. Since the house didn’t really have a view, we didn’t see any good point in sitting in there all day while it rained. We were also a bit concerned about driving the trailer up andContinue reading “Atmospheric River”


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