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Roger and Susanne in Patagonia, 2013

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Susanne and I have embarked on an exciting new phase of our life that will hopefully get us to New Zealand. If not, that is ok too. Over the last few years, it has become very clear that there is great value in starting to simplify our lives. We have been fortunate to be where we are with good health, financial wherewithal and great friends and family to support us. I wanted to capture our adventures as I have with many of our trips through photos and a journal. I hope you enjoy and follow along.

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Up, Up, and Away

We woke up excited that today we would be finally heading back to New Zealand! The only hard part is that we had to wait until 9:50 pm before the flight took off. Bummer. It would be an anxious day of waiting again. One last wait in the long process of waiting. Can you tellContinue reading “Up, Up, and Away”

100 hours

We have 100 hours before we get on the plane….not that I’m counting. We said our ka kite anō’s (“see you again” in Maori) to Jason and Cynthia and headed to Santa Barbara to spend some time with my sister and Frank. I can’t say enough good things about my sis, she is truly aContinue reading “100 hours”


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