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  • Ferry Tales
    The time had come to start packing up and getting ready to move on to the next phase of our adventure. We scheduled lunch with Jon and Becky again at the Moutere Inn on Sunday. It was a nice day, so I thought I would try to squeeze in one more bike ride before lunch.Continue reading “Ferry Tales”
  • Great Taste and Less Filling
    We are still in a bit of a daze about our approval. It had just started to feel like it wouldn’t happen. We had dreamed about a lot of stuff but we couldn’t really do any of it until we knew. Now we know. Since the hippie bus got ruled out, camper van here weContinue reading “Great Taste and Less Filling”
  • GonnabeKiwi
    Ok, lots to report, but let’s just cut to the chase. We got APPROVED!!!! We are now (once we fill out some paperwork) officially permanent residents of Aotearoa! We are so excited. It has been almost exactly 2 years from the time that we hired our immigration advisor, which might not seem that long, butContinue reading “GonnabeKiwi”
  • Feeling Low
    There is and has been a gigantic low pressure system parked over New Zealand for quite a while and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. As many of you know, this usually equates to unstable weather that can include high winds, rain, snow, and crabby people stuck indoors. In other words,Continue reading “Feeling Low”
  • Abel Tasman
    We have now been in Nelson Bays for just about a week and I am happy to report I seem to have fully recovered from my bout of COVID. Yeah! And double Yeah! that Susanne miraculously avoided the COVID fate. She definitely wins “immune system of the year” award. Many people think that James CookContinue reading “Abel Tasman”