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  • It’s Swelly in Welly
    It’s Swelly in Welly We are now in Wellington, or as most Kiwis would say, “Welly.” They do like to shorten things, sometimes to the ridiculous, but I guess it fits the culture. As Jacinda said on the Colbert show “we are a pragmatic people.” I have come realize this to be very true. TheContinue reading “It’s Swelly in Welly”
  • On the Road Again
    On the Road Again Our time in Te Awanga and Hawkes Bay has come to an end. We are moving on after a month-long stay here. It has been nice and we learned a lot about the area, drank some good wine, had some very lovely hikes, hung out, got rained on, met some seriouslyContinue reading “On the Road Again”
  • Flip Turn
    Flip Turn I have perfected….uh…..mastered…….uh…..well, I can do a flip turn now. It has been a long time coming (years, really), but I set my mind to it and I can now do one with regularity. Goes to show you that anything is possible. Now, does it look the like person above? Absolutely not. DoContinue reading “Flip Turn”
  • Heaps of Fun
    We just happened to be in Hawkes Bay exactly when they were having their winter Food and Wine Classic. It is a four-weekend affair where wineries and restaurants host wine and food events. I had discovered this when we were still in the States and thought “that would be fun” and signed up for theContinue reading “Heaps of Fun”
  • Cultural Awareness
    We have been settling in to our bach in Hawkes Bay quite nicely. At times it is exciting and at times it is boring. I guess that is what we were trying to achieveā€”a slice of real life. And if you are going to do that, why not do it in a place that isContinue reading “Cultural Awareness”