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  • Pushy Japanese Lady
    We made it! We landed in Auckland at 5:30 am after a relatively uneventful flight. Both of us did manage to get a bit of sleep in a spiffy skycouch, even if it did only allow one person at time to be on their back. That, and inevitably you would let your feet drift outContinue reading “Pushy Japanese Lady”
  • Up, Up, and Away
    We woke up excited that today we would be finally heading back to New Zealand! The only hard part is that we had to wait until 9:50 pm before the flight took off. Bummer. It would be an anxious day of waiting again. One last wait in the long process of waiting. Can you tellContinue reading “Up, Up, and Away”
  • 100 hours
    We have 100 hours before we get on the plane….not that I’m counting. We said our ka kite anō’s (“see you again” in Maori) to Jason and Cynthia and headed to Santa Barbara to spend some time with my sister and Frank. I can’t say enough good things about my sis, she is truly aContinue reading “100 hours”
  • “You’re not a mini-van kinda guy”
    The final leg of our US-based adventure is underway which involves a lot of driving again. Susanne and I decided to go out for dinner at Little on Mountain for out last night in Fort Collins. This was good because the day did not go by without some adventure…of course. Our friend Bill in NewContinue reading ““You’re not a mini-van kinda guy””
  • Mr. Smoosh and Friends
    The last 8 months have been really good for Sadie…if not a bit stressful. When she was young, she would lose her mind every time she saw another dog, even if they were hundreds of yards away. It was very annoying and made it difficult to walk her. She did get better as she aged,Continue reading “Mr. Smoosh and Friends”