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  • Dunedin — The Final Chapter
    Well, our time in Dunedin has officially come to an end. We have enjoyed ourselves and taking care of Mr. Velcro. Emmitt, as mentioned before, has been an absolute joy to hang out with and we are definitely going to miss him. I think he will miss us too, but dogs just have a differentContinue reading “Dunedin — The Final Chapter”
  • Around Dunedin (part 2)
    Well, our stay in Dunedin is coming to a close and it has been a truly lovely 6 weeks here. After the initial “oh crap, it’s colder than Scotland” weather in the beginning, we ended up with a very pleasant summer. At times it was even hot! Mr. Velcro has been totally awesome to hangContinue reading “Around Dunedin (part 2)”
  • Otago Central Rail Trail
    One thing that has been on my list is the Otago Central Rail Trail, which runs from Middlemarch to Clyde in Central Otago. This is the original “Great Ride” in New Zealand. “The Rail Trail offers a superb recreational walking/cycling/riding experience for both holidaymakers and athletes. It extends 150 kilometres between Middlemarch and Clyde, acrossContinue reading “Otago Central Rail Trail”
  • Around Dunedin (part 1)
    Our dog/house sitting gig is now about halfway completed and Mr. Velcro (a.k.a Emmitt) has us totally wrapped around his paw at this point. This, in general, is not a problem as we love him to death. Although, he is getting rather pushy about getting his morning walk. If it gets to be 9:30 andContinue reading “Around Dunedin (part 1)”
  • Mr. Velcro
    We drove from Kaka Point to Dunedin to Amy and Brandon’s house where we would be house/dog sitting for the next 6 weeks while they were away in the US for work and holiday. We had met their dog Emmitt before when they had graciously allowed us to park our car at their house whileContinue reading “Mr. Velcro”