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  • 6,435 Miles
    We have come to the end of Chapter 1 in the Grand Adventure. It started on August 10th in Flagstaff and has ended up back in Flagstaff after a long 6,435 mile, 3-month loop around the Western United States. When we left it was hot and smoky and now we are deep into fall. AlreadyContinue reading “6,435 Miles”
  • Hasta Luego to Aptos
    Well, our time here in Aptos has come to a close. We had a great couple of weeks hanging out with two of the most amazing people I know: Jason and Cynthia. They are fun, kindhearted, generous, and just great to hang out with. We have known them for a long time now and haveContinue reading “Hasta Luego to Aptos”
  • One Seven Delta Mike
    The first time I ever flew in an airplane was with my Uncle Emery in his small plane when we visited Phoenix when I was about 8 or 9. He took me up flying and I just thought it was the greatest thing ever! It was so cool be up off the ground and seeingContinue reading “One Seven Delta Mike”
  • Atmospheric River
    We decided to leave Shelter Cove a day early because the weather was really building up to be pretty bad. Since the house didn’t really have a view, we didn’t see any good point in sitting in there all day while it rained. We were also a bit concerned about driving the trailer up andContinue reading “Atmospheric River”
  • Soaked to a Squishy
    The Kiwis have some great slang…almost as good as the Aussies. When I was doing field work there for my Masters, after a hard day in the field where it was raining all day long, I would often head in to town and go the pub for dinner and a pint. When describing my dayContinue reading “Soaked to a Squishy”