May 26: Wud SUP, Homey.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day with a nice view of Squaw Creek Reservoir. It’s not a big reservoir, but it is quite nice and we have a great campsite. We took the dogs for a stroll and enjoyed the morning sun and the thought of not having to drive on another 100-mile dirt road again.

I fired up the generator and Susanne made us coffee. I have to say that having the Nespresso machine along with us is quite the treat. I headed into town around 8 to get the tire fixed and do some laundry – we had accumulated quite a few muddy clothes over the last couple of days (I know, big surprise).

The dude at the Shell station was quite nice and was able to fix the flat. However, there was enough damage that I am going to probably have to get a new set of tires in Klamath Falls.  He has lived out in this area for 3 years. He hated city life. I can see how it could be appealing to live out here; although I do wonder what impact Burning Man has had on the culture.  Fortunately, the Shell station also had a Laundromat. Yeah! Unfortunately, they had good internet and bits of the real world had to be dealt with. Boo.

So shopping list for Klamath Falls: new tires, car wash, some food. The usual. Maybe the trailer should be named “Dusty.”

But all in all it was successful. Tire fixed, laundry washed. and the bits of real life either fixed or delayed until the future.

I headed back to the reservoir and arrived about 10:40.

The wind was calm so it was definitely time to pull out the stand-up paddleboard (SUP). I inflated it with only a few minor difficulties and headed out on the lake. It is a funny sport/activity is some ways. You casually stand on the board and paddle around the lake. The dudes that ride waves and stuff are in a different league, but the casual paddle around the lake is very Zen-like. I do like a flatwater kayak, but I prefer the SUP because you are standing up and get a great view.

I can say that the board handled much better this time with a real skag on it rather than the broken nub I tried out at Trinidad Lakes State Park.

We had some lunch, hung out. I took the SUP out again and tooled around the lake. It’s probably ¾ of mile long, so it doesn’t take too long to paddle back and forth. There are a bunch of marsh reeds along the sides and there are tons of frogs and birds hiding in there. It was fun to just cruise by gently so you could see the ducks and such.

Susanne took it out as well. She did great. Looks like a natural SUP, homey.

More hanging out. We tested out the dog barrier set-up. Worked great.

Put on the wet suit and went for a swim. The water was chilly, but it felt great in the wet suit. Sadie swam out with me for a bit. Now she is not so dusty.

Started organizing stuff.

Took the SUP out again with the fly road and nominally tossed out a few casts. It was a bit windy so it was hard to control the SUP and the fly rod. Thankfully I didn’t catch anything or I probably would have fallen in.

A dude from somewhere near Reno showed up and asked if he could camp here. Nice guy. Had a small dog. Bummer to not have it to ourselves, but hey, he was super cool about it. So now we have a neighbor.

We cooked a pork loin on the grill and Susanne made a nice salad with avocado.

I sent an email to Jason and Cynthia that they should read our updated blog. We had been hoping to do an RV’ing trip with them. He has now declined. Something about us needing to learn moderation. Moderation? Is that even a word?

I totally thrashed Susanne in Scrabble. Trip score: 1 Susanne to 1 Roger. Marriage is still solid, but strained.

It was a very nice day.

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