Sept 29th: Aussie Adventure: T-minus 1

It is September 29th. I have been counting down the days to this trip for months. Only 1 day to go.

Susanne and I love to travel; we have travelled to many places in our 34 years together and we seem to manage a major trip every 2 or 3 years and we love it. Some have been swanky (Ecuador) and some have been serious adventures (Patagonia) and we like the variety of style.

I have been to Australia many times (probably 12 or so) and I love the place. The people, the scenery, the wildlife — all amazing. One place I have never been is Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

I gave a talk in Miami in November that got a lot of attention. A representative from the RSPCA in Australia saw the talk and invited me to come and speak in Australia at their conference. How could I possibly say no!

The conference is in Brisbane, so Susanne and I decided to make it a vacation and finally head up to the GBR and Cairns since the GBR has been on Susanne’s bucket list for awhile. And I feel a personal obligation to try and help her check off all her bucket list items.  She did inform me that she keeps adding new ones, so it looks like I’ll have to keep going on adventures with her for awhile.

We were in Hawaii with our great friends Jason and Cynthia in April and I, in passing, suggested that they should go with us. We have travelled many places together and always have a fantastic time. It was late notice, so I thought there was no chance of that happening. Jason emailed a few days after we got back and they said yes!  Woohoo!

jason and cynthia
Our great friends Jason & Cynthia

So the planning begin. We booked a dive trip, a house in Cairns, some adventures and tickets. We were all set. The house we rented in Cairns looks amazing; as you can see this is not the “rough it adventure” type of trip.

cairns house
Our amazing house in Cairns

Then the wait begin. 156 days to go. 93 days to go. 25 days to go. Now, just 1 to go.

Today will be a day of packing, securing the house and doing chores.

I bought a new camera lens for the trip and can’t wait to get some pictures of crocs and birds and lizards and things.

sigma lens

I has been a tough year with work, the loss of my dad, the loss of my great buddy Ringo so I am looking forward to this trip. They are always great times to relax, reflect and focus on the things that are important.

We have a house sitter for Sadie, so that is good. We will miss her badly, but at least she will be in her own house with Chase.

Stay tuned for more!





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