Oct 14th: Logodiles

I slept well last night and it is just amazing to wake up and see the view of the ocean from the master bedroom. We lounged around and drank coffee and took in the view. I love listening to the birds in the morning. They have such unique and at times haunting songs. There is one that has a melody that has completely stuck in my head and I have been going around singing it.

We started to plan out the day which was going to be essentially like every other day here: get up, coffee, hang, go out and check stuff out, have lunch, come back and swim, hang out.

There was a discovery center just up the hill from us that looked like it could be interesting. Susanne went on line from our now-connected house and discovered that it was $45/person. Holy crocodile, batman. Negatory to that. The Cooper Creek crocodile boat ride was only $36/person, so we decided we would do that. Their excellent web page did not indicate what time the croc boat took people out. Hmmm.

We piled into the car and headed down to Thorton beach where we had coffee the other day and I saw a sign for the croc tour signup. We got there just as a motorcycle tour group showed up and when we ordered our flat whites, she said “It will take a long time, I have heaps of coffees to make.” No worries, mate. We got the last 2 seats on the 10:30 tour.

She was not kidding. It took a long time to get coffee. So long, in fact, that we had to drink it quickly so we wouldn’t be late for the tour. We drove down to the loading spot for the boat and there were a bunch of people there. Eventually we made our way onto the boat with everyone else. It was very crowded and cramped.

We saw a couple of small crocs right across from the launch. Cool. And that was it. We did see heaps of logodiles though. You are scanning around looking for a set of eyes sticking out of the water and you get excited when you see some. Then you realize it is a log. Doh. It lasted about an hour. It was ok. But probably better than paying $90 to climb up a hundred foot tour to see a view that we can see from our deck.

cooper creek crocs
Cool bird

cooper creek crocs-5

cooper creek crocs-3cooper creek crocs-2

After that we tried to go to the bug museum. Sadly it was closed on Mondays. Damn.

We headed down the road and into a hotel/restaurant for lunch called “On the Turps.” We had glorified fish and chips. They were pretty good. I will say, people in Australia know how to make chips or french fries or freedom fries. In the US, they always come out soggy and greasy; here, they seem to know how to get the oil hot enough so they come out super yummy and crispy. Yet another reason to move to Australia.

chilling at the barn-4
Our amazing view

After lunch we headed back and hung out at the house and took a nice long swim. That has pretty much been our time in Daintree.  But when you have these kind of views and a nice pool, why look further?

chilling at the barn-2chilling at the barn-3chilling at the barn

We went to bed at 8:30 pm. We may not be exciting, but we are feeling very relaxed 🙂


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  1. You guys look amazing. Roger, thanks for keeping this post non-X rated. 🙂 Your vacation sounds ideal. So glad you are enjoying it. The colorful bugs in the croc photo are spectacular. What are they? I can’t get over the spectacular view you have from the house, and the pool looks magical. Just try to keep your pants on!
    (In all fairness, we did enjoy that photo, the expertise of the dive, the vegetation, plus it had an artistic quality to it.)

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