T minus 15: The Adventure Begins

Well, we are still 15 days away from heading out and already the adventure has begun. As mentioned in the previous post we were going to do a 3-day, 2-night hut-to-hut trip on the Routeburn track. We were both very excited about it and working to get ourselves healthy and in shape to be ready for the fun.

Then this happened:

Tough to get a tour bus on this road

Evidently, there was a huge storm that hit the South Island last week the dropped 39″ of rain in 60 hours. I guess it was truly a disaster!

Read about it here

The road to Milford Sound was completely wiped out and people have been trapped for days. There were people on the Routeburn track that spent a harrowing several days stuck in the huts as mud and water threatened to wash them away. Thankfully there were only minor injuries.

hut on routburn
This is one of the huts on the Routeburn track

At first it looked like they might be able to get the trail open in time for our visit, but alas after they surveyed the damage via helicopter, they sent out a notice that it would be closed through the end of February. Well fudge.

Now we have had to redirect and are going up the Twizel instead. Why Twizel you ask? Well, hasn’t everyone wanted to stay in a place called Twizel? It is up near Mount Cook National Park and should have some great hiking and scenery. It is also known for some of the greatest star gazing on the planet. Now I have to get out and practice shooting night sky photos.

So it’s a bummer man, but the dude will abide.

Hopefully we can get some clear nights in Twizel so we can see this!



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