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Susanne slept in late today. And we lounged around having coffee. I was working on the blog from yesterday and then the next thing you know it was pushing 10 am and we had to hustle to get packed up and checked out. It was a very nice couple of days in Wanaka; I really like the place.

We drove downtown and stopped and had a coffee and enjoyed the view one more time. As usual, the coffee was super yummy and the barista made a very nice silver fern pattern in my flat white.

Yummy coffee

The big plan for the day was to head down to Queenstown and pick up our emotional support humans, Jason and Cynthia, and check into our new airbnb. We have traveled all over the world with them and always have a great time.

We headed up and over Crown Range road which is a very beautiful but super windy road that goes up and then down into Queenstown. It would make a great bike ride if there were no cars. The steep side down into Queenstown would be worthy of a Tour de France racing stage. There are a lot of bikers, but it scares the crap out of me to see them riding on this road with cars driving fast and with no shoulder. I must be getting old.

queenstown day 1
The impressive Crown Range road

We had some time to kill before their arrival, so we headed to Peregrine winery to get some wine and of course to taste some as well. We also stopped at the cheesery.

We stopped by the grocery store and bought supplies for dinner and headed to the airport. Our timing was almost perfect as they landed about 1 minutes after we got to the parking lot. Jason is a pilot and we had told him about the very interesting approach into the airport.

When Jason cam out he was effusive about how cool the flight was. It truly is an amazing airport.

We drove over to the house which is way up a steep hill just above the downtown area of Queenstown. We all said the same thing when we walked in “oh my god.” The view was stunning. The house is super nice as well. The upstairs has a 270 degree view Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables range. It also has 4 bedrooms with king beds. We are hoping that will continue the string of good sleeping, but I won’t go there.

queenstown day 1-4
Our view from the house

We unpacked our stuff and hung out having a nice glass of wine and enjoying the view.

queenstown day 1-3
No need to go anywhere

We had dinner and just relaxed and watched the storm start to move in. Tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy, so we will probably just hang out and enjoy the house…. or we may go for a hike and see what it is like to get soaked to a squishy.

queenstown day 1-7
Storm clouds building
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