Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, We Have A Problem: We got up in the morning and made our nice Nespressos. We could probably survive without the generator now that I have the solar panels and a second battery, but I sure love to have that latte in the morning, so we fire it up for a few minutes every morning. I guess it is good for emergencies too or when you stay in one spot for a long time and the solar can’t keep up. But really it is about the lattes.

Yummy latte

We drove down to Cedar City and headed north on I15. The road down to Cedar City was a pretty hair-raising and required full attention as it was steep, narrow, and windy. I really like the modern cars which have the paddle shifters to make it much more like a manual transmission.

After looking at our options on the heat and the smoke we decided to go ahead and make a beeline up to Montana. That way we would at least get to see Laura and Frank for awhile, even if the smoke got intolerable.

We got on I15 and headed north. The traffic was surprisingly light for that section of road, so we were making good time with relative ease. I stopped in for gas before we got too close to Salt Lake City. As I came out of the gas station, I noticed that we had a near disaster on our hands.

In an effort to try to figure out how to squeeze all of our stuff into the truck and the trailer, I had come up with the brilliant idea of getting one of those baskets that hooks on to your bumper. I figured I could put it on the back of the trailer and we could store toasty (our bbq), the generator, and the misc. box. It seemed to work great on the first day. However, the set up had was bent down and had started to tear the bumper off. OMG! ACK! I was so grateful that the thing had not come all the way off and scattered all over the freeway at 80 mph.

Near disaster
Rated to 100 lbs?

We unhooked the basket and repacked all the gear and said a few prayers to a non-existent deity that we had not killed anyone and headed north. Susanne googled the Jayco bumper and discovered that there were a lot of complaints about it and that it was only rated to 100 lbs! WTF! Really?! 100 lbs. Although I really love Lewis, every time I have to work on it, I am struck by how cheap everything is. I end up asking myself, “could this have been done any more cheaply?” and the answer is always the same. NO. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to get that fixed. Maybe we stay in Wenatchee for a month I can find someone to weld something stronger on there.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, even through Salt Lake City which is normally terrible. We arrived in Montana around 4 pm and were grateful to have made it. We enjoyed an evening on the deck with Laura and Frank. The smoke wasn’t too bad yet. Yeah!

Happy to be in Montana
Camping site at the Cabin
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