Well, we didn’t actually see any skunks, it is more that Susanne and I got skunked fishing.

We headed out to a nice lake called Axolotl in the Gravelly Range. We got to the parking lot and there were three ATVs there. Bummer. We were hoping to have it ourselves. It is a short 2 mile hike up to the lake and when we got there, the 4 dudes from the ATVs were there as well. Big Bummer. Sadie and Tukka went nuts and started barking at them. I do believe their species of dog is “dumbassian.” Thankfully, the ATV dudes were pretty cool and didn’t get overly wound up about the barking dogs.


We worked our way around the lake and found a good spot to set up. Our diligent gilly got us all rigged up and Laura headed out in her float tube. She caught a nice brook trout right away. Things were looking up.

Frank set me up and warned me about the two fly eating pine trees near where I was fishing. Sadly, I didn’t head the advice and the damn tree ate two of my flies. Doh!

The fishing was slow and the wind kicked up making it very difficult to cast far enough out to have any hope of catching a fish. Frank put on a great show on how to do a double haul cast and it was impressive just how far he could cast his fly out there. He caught a gorgeous and huge cutthroat trout. It is motivating to watch someone so skilled in action.

Our Gilly
Gorgeous cutty

We headed back home, stopped in Ennis to pick up some supplies and then had an easy dinner of pre-made Indian food.

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