Day 13: June 2nd. Virgin Forest.

It was nice to sleep in a quiet place with just the sound of the creek behind us. You forget how much city and road noise can affect you.

We had coffee and breakfast, packed up our stuff and headed out to do a hike through the virgin forest. It was about a 7 mile loop. The trail was soft and spongy with tons of ferns and huge cypress, cedar and fir trees. It was not a hike of vistas, but it was a really nice forest walk. It climbed up a ridge about 1500’ and then circled back around. The dogs were super happy. We only saw 9 people over the entire 3.5 hour hike. Very relaxing.

We got back to camp and hung out for awhile and had some lunch.

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After lunch we headed north to both allow me to take care of a few work things and then to just generally check out the area. We drove up to Tilicum where we will be staying next to check out our camp sites. It looks really awesome.

We found a nice coffee shop and I had a good latte and fired off a few emails and fixed a few things.

The pack was a bit tired so we came back and snoozed and read.

We cooked a nice pork loin with brussel sprouts for dinner. Yum. Not quite the crabfesta we had the night before, but still super good.

I was down 4 games to 2 in scrabble and really needed a victory. It was, as they say, “a must win game”. It was an ugly, smashmouth game. Defensive, low scoring board. The lead went back and forth. But in the end, good triumphed and I beat Susanne to pull within a game of the lead.

I slept very well.

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