Day 12: June 1st, Moving Day

After four nights in Humbug Mountain park we were moving northward about 135 miles to Cape Perpetua. I would say we were both looking forward to the move as the road noise was getting a bit tiresome.

Here are the campsite ratings so far:

Roger                  Susanne

San Rafael Swell                                A-                         B+

Notch Peak                                         A+                        A

Angel Creek                                       C                           B-

Squaw Creek Reservoir                    B +                      B-

Howard Prairie                                  B                               B+

Humbug Mountain                           B-                         B

Susanne and I differed slightly in our assessments. For her, sites with a shower had a more favorable rating whereas if they involved some level of gnarly road, it got dinged. I put activities and solitude above all and felt no ill will toward a site if it required a gnarly road. I dinged Humbug Mountain a full grade for the road noise.

Overall though, our sites have been pretty good.

We packed up camp and headed north. We stopped in Port Orford (I like this little town) one more time to get propane and gas, and I had to fire off a few emails. It was about a 2.5 hour drive and mostly it was pretty easy driving with good views.

We saw that Bandon had a fish market so we stopped in to get some fresh crab. It was not obvious were we could park our rig, so I just had Susanne jump out at the fish store. I drove one block and turned left where I saw an entire empty street that I could pull into. No sooner had I put it in park than the shop owner came out and started to yell at me that I was too long to park there. I told it would be 5 minutes tops. Sheesh. You would think we were 43’ long or something….oh, I guess we are.

Susanne picked up a pound of cracked crab for dinner. Yummy. My mouth started watering just thinking about it.

We continued North to our campground at Cape Perpetua. It is a smaller forest service campground right along a small creek. We found our site and set up camp. It was nice to have creek noise instead of 18 wheeler noise.

It was about 3 pm, so we headed over to the visitors center to get the 411 on the area. They gave us a map and some very happy cheerful smiles. Can’t be a bad retirement gig actually.

howard prarie-3

We decided to walk along the rocky shore at Cape Perpetua where they have some blowholes and impressive wave churns. It was low tide, so the waves weren’t crashing into the rocks with any level of oomph. Oh well, good views anyway. We walked along for a while and found our way down to a small beach. There was a guy sitting there with a dog. We chatted. He said his wife was around the corner with their other dog.

howard prarie-6dogs running

We went to the beach and decided to let our crazies off leash. Just then the other dog showed up. It was young and very athletic, with long lanky legs. A few tense barks from Sadie, and then all was well. The other dog took off and Ringo and Sadie took off at full speed after him. The dog LOVED to be chased. The three of them bolted around the beach at full speed for about 10 minutes. I think Ringo and Sadie were surprised at his speed. They couldn’t keep up, but Sadie was the smart one and worked her angles well and would cut him off. A good time was had by all and both sets of doggie parents were relieved that their respective nutheads got run off a bit of steam.

howard prarie-9

We headed back to camp. A couple showed up in a pop-up next to us with a Border Collie. We had a few minutes of barking from our nutheads, but then things settled down. Oh to have a non-reactive dog…..

We melted some herb butter that Susanne had made and had a HUGE bowl of crab with a salad. It was very decadent. And very YUMMY. We both fell into a crab-induced coma. Kind of like Thanksgiving, but with crab.

Susanne trounced me in Scrabble. Up 4 games to 2. Sheesh. Could be a long trip home.


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