Day 8: May 28th. Surprise!

Well, actually it was a very uneventful day for the R&S 2016 World Tour. We got up, took the dogs for a walk, had coffee.

There was a nice trail that went along the lake so we did a nice hike in the morning. It was beautiful forest hike with view of the lake and Mt. McLoughlin.


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The wind had died down and it was still pretty calm when we got back, so I took out the SUP for a spin on the lake. It was a little underinflated so it wasn’t handling that well and you had to watch out for the boat wakes, but I tooled around the lake for an hour or so. I could tell the wind was about start blowing so I headed back to camp.

Susanne was napping when I got back.

We had some lunch and then hung outside reading our books. The wind really picked up and it got pretty cold, so we moved inside the trailer. I was reading my book when I noticed that my eyelids were taking on the weight of several black holes. A nap was in order.

Susanne and Ringo joined me on the bed. Sadie took the couch. We were a happy snoring pack for about 2 hours. I guess we were tired. It had been a fun but adventurous trip out so far and between that and spending a lot of time outside our bodies needed a bit of a down time.

I took the Fattie out for a ride after our nap and it felt good to get the cobwebs out of my head.

We didn’t play scrabble. Whew. Wasn’t up for another drubbing.

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