Day 9: May 29th – Windy & Windy

Before we get started, a quick comment on the nature of our high-maintenance dogs. We have one people-reactive and one dog-reactive dog, which basically ensures that we can’t socialize with anyone or anything. In some regards, this could be considered a good thing.

The Fattie tipped over on the bike rack. Bummer. It had a flat. That dumb bike is so flat prone. I have no idea why, but I have had 6 flats on the dumb thing.

But it goes beyond that—sometimes they are just weird. Neither dog has been eating particularly well on this trip, but Ringo has taken to batting his food bowl around. You set it down and he starts nosing it and trying to tip it over. So you have to go over and dump his food on the floor. Usually he will eat it, but sometimes that isn’t even enough and he will start to nose the individual kibbles around into a pile.

It makes feeding the dogs a bit of a chore, but holy cow, it is funny to see the look on his face when he is nudging his kibbles around.

We got up and had a reasonable leisurely morning; we actually slept in until about 7:30 which was nice. We did the usual dog walk, coffee, pack things up and headed out.

It was a very long, narrow, steep windy road down to Ashland. I was sure Susanne was going to be going crazy, but she seemed reasonably calm all the way down. I guess the 100 miles of dirt road made even this narrow mountain road seem ok.

We gassed up and dumped in Ashland, made a stop in Medford at Costco for some supplies and headed to the coast via Grants Pass and highway 199. It also is a very narrow and windy road in places. Truck and trailer handled great.

My dad called and told me he had an offer on his house. This is a big event. He built the house himself and has lived in it for over 50 years. I am sure it will be hard for him, but he liked the buyer which was really important to him. So I hope it all goes well.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the drive up the coast was beautiful. It was super-windy though. And windy. Hmmm…..well, both of those in any order. We got to Humbug Mountain State Park and headed into the campground. The crabby volunteer yelled at me and told me the speed limit was 10…..I was doing 15.

The campground was packed. Really packed. We groaned. Ugh. We leveled the trailer and took the dogs down to the beach. The wind was blowing about 50 mph. The dogs were going crazy. It was pure joy. They kept racing up and down the beach chasing each other and wrestling. There is no way it wouldn’t make you smile to see them.

We came back to the trailer and set up camp, made some dinner and chilled. It was very noisy in the campground, so we just hung in the trailer and relaxed with the dogs. Susanne beat me in scrabble. Damn. But it was quite close.

Thankfully things did quiet down. We are hoping the crazy crowd will be gone tomorrow and we will be down to all the old folks and introverts tomorrow.

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