Day 15: June 5th, Crisis

There are multiple crises to report:

First, the astute observer will note that I lost a day somewhere. It appears to have been in Humbug. I’m sure it was a great day. Wonderful stories that would have kept you entertained for hours. Millions of hits on youtube. But I lost it and I don’t know where it went.

The second crisis is that Susanne discovered that she miscalculated the number of coffee pods we needed for the trip. This is devastating news to both of us. The dogs seem unconcerned. But for us, it could be tragic.

I can tell that I am much more relaxed than when I left Colorado 2 weeks ago. It was 7:45 and I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Toasty. But the Fuzzy Nutheads were getting restless so it was not going to last long.

We have a routine in the morning. The dogs hear us make some noise and they start prancing around and making just enough noise so that we know they are there, but not so much that they get obnoxious. Ringo is perched on the couch waiting. We orient ourselves and then let them up on the bed. It is a race for whatever is perceived as the prime spot. Usually Sadie starts on my side and Ringo with Susanne. We do a cuddle session for a while, switch, and then kick them off and start the day. They love it. Well, I love it too, for that matter.

We headed in Yachats [pronounced YAH-hahts, for those of you that care] to get coffee in an effort to conserve our dwindling supply. It gave me a chance to catch on the blog too.

It was moving day. We were headed up to Tillicum, a full 7 miles away. We got back to camp and leisurely packed up the trailer. We drove up to Waldsport to dump and get a few supplies. Check-in time was 2 but we decided to go see if our spot was empty. It was, so we pulled in and unhitched and set up. We have gotten very efficient at it.

We took the dogs down to the beach for a romp. They were super happy. They are going to have a great time here. The beach is wonderful and huge. Super wide and really long. Not that many people.

tilicum beach.jpg

Ringo found an old gatorade bottle on the beach and decided it was coolest thing ever and carried it for several miles. He was doing his part to keep the beaches of Oregon clean. He was devastated when I threw it in the trash.


The campsite is super nice and doesn’t have the smashed in feel that some of the others have had.

We had some dinner and built a campfire. The temp was quite pleasant and it was a great way to end the day and start our stay at Tillicum. The dogs stayed in the trailer and made sure the bed didn’t run away.

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