Day 16: June 6th, Mr. Pokey Pants

It was a very nice sleep last night as we had this wonderful white noise generator called the Pacific Ocean going all night long. Very relaxing.

ocean view

I decided I was going to take the dogs for a run in the morning and Susanne would ride along on the Fattie. Well, “run” is really starting to become a relative thing for me; for most observers it would now go down as a plamble. Plod + Amble = Plamble. Tad will know what I mean. Who designed knees anyway? I want to complain. And why didn’t I buy the extended warranty on mine?

It was super low tide. We hadn’t seen the beach at low tide, but it is so flat that it seemed like the ocean had disappeared. It was miles away. It was a good ½ mile wide. It made for good Fattie riding, although it is hard work even in the hard sand.

It was really foggy and eerie. We ran (plambled) down the beach. Sadie stayed close to me, but Ringo kept falling behind. He is really annoying to run with these days. He just isn’t into any forced marches. He wants things on his terms. I kept going, but Susanne stayed back with Ringo. He stopped to poop and then just decided that was it. Screw the forced march stuff. And he just stood there.

Sadie and I got to the turn point and came back; Ringo’s will to move was reinvigorated. Sigh. He has truly turned into Mr. Pokey Pants.

We had coffee and breakfast and lazed around. I had to catch up on some work, but overall not too bad.

We decided to drive into Newport and get some crab and fish for dinner. We found a fish market on the outskirts of town and got some crab and some super fresh salmon.

We like just driving around and checking areas out. We are both Zillow addicts. Susanne was ready to buy a place until the marine layer moved in. Bend is looking better now.

We came back to camp, read, lazed, and napped. Very stressful.

It had gotten really windy and the temperature had dropped quite a bit, so it was quite chilly. I took the dogs down to the beach for an evening walk. The sand was blowing in these really cool patterns on the beach. It was chilly.

We pretty much hunkered down in the trailer for the rest of the evening. We had a wonderful crab cocktail followed by an awesome piece of fish and an avocado-laden salad. We were stuffed and happy.


We walked out the view spot and watched the sunset with a nice glass of scotch.

Can I complain? Nope. Well, maybe about the knee, but other than that, nope.

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