Day 22: June 12th. Fuzz and Foxtails

After last nights trip into Bend, the pant count is 3. Three times this trip I have had to wear pants. I know you all wanted to know.

We start our drive back home today in earnest with a 6-hour drive out to Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho.

Bye-bye Oregon! I guess I’ll have to pump my own gas again.


We got up, had some coffee and breakfast and headed out. It was a desolate drive through Eastern Oregon on Highway 20 through Burns. We thought about going to the bird wildlife refugee to say hi to the loonies there, but it doesn’t have the same zip when the occupation is over.

Eastern Oregon is quite dry and barren.

It was a pretty uneventful drive and we got to Bruneau Dunes around 5 pm. The campground was pretty empty which was nice. They even had showers. There was a good grass area to through the Frisbees for the dogs. We noticed it was full of foxtails.

I decided to remove the fuzz that had been growing on my face as it was starting to itch. I almost look respectable now.

We made some dinner and then I was hanging outside. We started a fire in the hopes of attenuating the bugs – they were fierce. While throwing the Frisbee for the dogs, Ringo managed to get a fox tail up his nose. Ugh. We piled into the trailer to see what we could do. He was sneezing convulsively and little blood came out his nose. I pinged a few vet friends for advice. We called the vet in Mountain Home, the nearest town. All pretty much said the same thing – not an emergency, but if it continues you will need to get it out.

We were both pretty worried. So we decided to monitor him overnight and if he was in distress in the morning we would take him into the local vet. After talking about it some more and starting to feel like it was time to head home, we decided we would rather be in Colorado if we had to take him in so we opted to get up early and make a long drive home.

My back had been hurting and faced with a 12 hr drive the next day, I decided to take an Ambien to make sure I got a good night sleep.



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