The Magic Touch

We woke up and the weather definitely looked much better. Laura was antsy to get out and go fishing. So after breakfast, Laura, Frank, and I headed down to Cliff lake to catch some fish. I wanted a fresh trout dinner, so we were going to keep three today. On the drive down, Laura made the pessimistic prediction that we might not get three since the fish were probably in a funk after the bad weather.

We launched the boat and headed out to their favorite area on the lake. The lake was like a mirror. No wind at all. And there were absolutely no people around. Between the storm and school starting up, we had the place to ourselves.

We anchored and Frank set me up with a fly he had gotten at a local fly shop. I cast it out and in less than a minute I had a fish on. I brought it in, we said our respects and put him in the bag for dinner that night. I cast it back out and got another fish. We repeated the ceremony. Laura then caught one. Then I caught another and another and another. Clearly this was the magic fly.

I hooked into a big one and he stripped the fly off. Dang! We were all despondent because we thought that Frank only had one of those. But, he found another and it’s success continued. I don’t think I have ever caught so many fish in such a short period of time. It helps to have someone with you that knows what they are doing!

The weather started to move in, so we packed it up and headed back home. Another lovely dinner and some good wine. We were even able to sit on the deck for the first time in 3 days. Yeah!

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