Oregon Coast

We had a great visit with Esther and Casey. They are two of the coolest people I have ever met with some of the biggest, warmest hearts you can imagine. I am super grateful to have met them and have them as friends. There are just some people that give you great hope for the world.

Sunset view from Esther and Casey’s deck in Tacoma

Casey has been working on some really cool ideas related to systems, how they operate and how they collapse. He spent a lot of time walking us through it and I really hope he ends up publishing it somewhere. It is very fascinating to start to think about the similarities in the way complex things work from biological, sociological, physics, chemistry and list goes on. We watched a really cool video on youtube that I thought was great and gave a really thought-provoking view of chaos theory.

It is the Pacific Northwest, so it rained all night long. I kind of like the sound of the rain when we are in the trailer; it’s a soothing sound to go to sleep to. It is also nice because you stay all toasty and dry and you can look out at all the people in their tents looking miserable and think “that used to be me!”

We very lazily packed up our stuff from Dash Point State Park and got on the road around 11:30 or so. The drive was about 4 hrs and not too difficult. The worst part was making it through Longview where there were a billion logging trucks dumping off logs at the gigantic pulp mill facilities there. It is impressive to see that much logging activity. Evidently, and according to the thumbnail history of Longview, WA:

“The city of Longview is located at the confluence of the Cowlitz and the Columbia rivers in western Cowlitz County, 66 miles upriver from the Pacific Ocean and 67 miles south of Olympia, the state capital. Financed by Kansas City timber baron Robert Alexander Long (1850-1934), president of Long-Bell Lumber Company, it was at the time the largest planned city ever to have been built entirely with private funds.  Longview’s principal function was to support a giant lumber mill that Long-Bell planned to construct on the 14,000-acre town site.  Long did not want a squalid mill town to spontaneously develop there, so he conceived of a beautiful new industrial city, which was planned and built in the 1920s.”

Who knew? And that, my friends is your daily dose of Pacific Northwest history for the day.

We made it to Nehalem State park around 4 pm, found our spot and headed to the beach with Sadie. It was sunny but pretty chilly and, as always, the wind coming off the ocean is frigid.

The beach!

Sadie just loves the beach. You can tell she just gets joyous each and every time we show up. The beach here is gorgeous. Long and wide and easy to walk on. Our friends Doug and Pat used to own a house here and now I can see why. It is a cute little town and the beach is really wonderful.

We got back from the walk and set up the trailer and pretty much settled in for the night. We BBQ’d some chicken and brussel sprouts and enjoyed them with a nice glass of Washington wine. Yummy.

Beautiful and Scruffy….you decided who is who

It was game 3 of the Dodgers/Giants playoff series, so I had to watch since we finally had good internet. It was an amazing game. The Giants ended up winning 1-0 which was fantastic, but the better part was texting my friend Donn constantly through the game giving him a large dose of smack talk. That was fun.

The weather is looking iffy for our stay here, but it will nice nonetheless. Maybe we’ll have to come back and rent a house for a month.

Oh yea!
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