Sexy Potato

I called Susanne a sexy potato and have somehow managed to live and tell about it.

Ok, I guess maybe you need a little context. We have a funny habit of when someone says “I feel like a glass of wine,” the other says “you look like a glass of wine.” Normally, this routine goes off without a hitch and for some reason after all these years we still find it funny.

We were discussing what to have for dinner and I suggested getting some salmon at the little market in Manzanita. Main course set. Now what to have as a side. Susanne said she felt like a potato. I instinctively said “you look like a potato.” As is often the case when you mindlessly say something, you can see the words leave your mouth with no hope of ever coming back. “Oh dog, that isn’t very flattering” I thought and quickly tried to amend my words. I stammered and said “I mean, a sexy potato.” Both my reaction and my amended statement caused Susanne to break out into hysterical laughter. That is how I managed to call her a sexy potato and live to tell about it.

As an aside, if you google “sexy potato” you will find a wide array of sexy potato pictures, costume ideas, and all manner of things related to sexy potatoes. Just thought you needed to know this.

It has been quite rainy and dreary in Manzanita and not very conducive to photography. Hence the lack of photos. We did manage to get a nice walk on the beach every day which made the whole pack happy. Other than that we just hung out and lounged about watching the rain.

Today we packed up and headed south to Coos Bay. Luckily the rain stopped for us so we didn’t have to break down camp in the rain. Google, again, routed us down some backwater road instead of keeping us on the main highway. It was windy, narrow, with logging trucks and off-camber curves. Nice, thanks, Larry Page. Not only do you shove your way into New Zealand ahead of us, you send me down some nasty-ass road. Lovely. It was about a 5-hr drive to Coos Bay and I would describe it as “busy.” Hauling a trailer down the Oregon coast definitely requires your full attention. Had it been longer, it would have been exhausting, but other than the Larry Page detour, it wasn’t too bad.

The always rugged and beautiful Oregon coast

We had one scary moment coming across a bridge into Waldport when we heard a loud bang! At first I thought that maybe I had blown a tire on the trailer. I couldn’t see anything wrong, so I crept across the bridge and found a parking spot to investigate. Nothing. I must have hit something on the road. We took the opportunity for a pit stop and a few snacks. As I was headed out of the trailer, some dude just started talking to me. He was quite the chatter box. In a short period of time, I had learned a lot about his life. He was in the military; moved up from California 3 years ago; he lived in a 800 sq ft house with his wife and four cats; he had just caught 20 crabs; the guide gave military folks a discount and it was only $150 for two days of fishing and crabbing; he bought his house for $250k, but the VA would only give him a mortgage for $214k of that. Anyway, he was a nice guy that really liked to talk.

We got to the campground at Bastendorff County Park and found our spot. It was nice because we were off away from everyone else in a pretty private spot. Yeah! This is a county campground and it is clear that a lot of people use it as a base for fishing and crabbing. There were a number of very high-end boats in the parking lot and even one dude that had a tent set up like a store and I believe he is selling crabs. I will have to go check that out tomorrow.

One of Susanne Facebook friends has been traveling around doing dog/house sitting with her husband since they retired. It’s one of the things we have thought about doing in New Zealand. The funny thing is that they just happened to be in Coos Bay at the exact same time we are, so we are going to go have lunch with them tomorrow.

Susanne and I had been talking about how when you can step back from the daily grind, life suddenly just pops up opportunities for you. I think this is one of those. We will have to pick their brains on how it has been going for them.

Morning mist clearing

We settled in, cooked some dinner and I anxiously awaited for the Giants-Dodgers game to start. It did. And they ended up losing. That an umpire would make a judgment call to end such a wonderful series was a travesty. Now I have to listen to Donn give me s$%# for another year. Doh. At least now, I don’t have to watch the rest of the season.

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