Day 10: May 30th – Beach Day!

We had spotted a really nice beach (Ophir) about l5 miles south of Humbug campground so we decided to head down to the beach and try and wear the dogs out and enjoy the beautiful day.

We did the usual – coffee and breakfast, packed up the chairs, some food, water and most importantly tennis balls for the dogs.

The beach itself was huge, probably 10 miles long. When we got there, there were probably only 8 other people on the beach. We headed down to the beach and walked south. The dogs were going crazy. They LOVE the beach. Ringo loves to chase the shore birds. He’ll see one and take off at absolutely full tilt and when he gets close and bird has taken off, he starts barking at them. I am sure he is saying “Hey you stupid bird! I am going to catch you next time!”

Sadie was in heaven chasing her tennis ball. They were both filled with sand. We walked a couple miles down the beach and came back to get our chairs and just generally hang out on the beach. We found a spot that was sheltered from the wind and it was quite pleasant. It is amazing how chilly it gets when the wind blows over that cold ocean water.

We did one more walk down the beach and packed up and headed back to Humbug.

The good news was that the campground had emptied out significantly and we were truly down to the old people and introverts. I am hoping that I don’t check the box on both of those….just the introvert box.

The campground is nice, but noisy. It is not far from the highway, so it is a bit of a bummer that you hear the traffic so much. Oh well. There you have it.

We just hung out and read and processed photos and generally were lazy for the rest of the day.

The dogs were way more mellow. Yeah for the beach!!

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