Day 11: May 31st – Bah Humbug.

Well, not really. The campground was had far fewer campers which helped the dogs relax, but the car noise definitely detracts.

Today we decided to go climb Humbug Mountain, which is the tallest mountain on the coast at 1800 ft. The trail is about 3 miles, so it’s a pretty steep climb. We were hoping for an amazing panorama of the coast at the top.

We got started around 8:25. It was a nice forest trail. I decided I would practice taking plant and flower pictures. It was tough lighting though, as the forest was pretty thick in places. Susanne set a pretty good pace and we were about 2/3rds of the way up after an hour. There were a few views of the coast, but the vegetation was pretty thick. We made the top just before 10. There was not much of a view. Bummer.  We headed back down and got back around 11.

I had a work call at 1 and would need to head into Port Orford in order to get enough signal to take it. We decided to have lunch before heading into town. I fired up my computer and then realized it was 1 MT, noon Pacific. Gak. We quickly packed up and headed to town; Susanne dropped me off at a coffee shop where I could get set up and take the call. Just made it.

We had seen a great-looking restaurant in Port Orford called Redfish. It had an amazing view. So on the way back to camp we stopped in and I made a reservation for dinner.

We hung out in camp for a while and then gussied up for dinner – meaning a real pair of pants and the one shirt I brought that has a collar. Thus far, in case you are wondering I have had to wear real pants twice. Once, because everything else had been turned to a mud ball in the middle of Nevada and this time just because it was a nice restaurant. I will keep you posted on the pants score.

The view from the table was amazing. Truly world class. We ordered a bottle or Oregon Pinot to go with our food. The music selection was weird. Some latin jazz, some weird sounding carnival music. Plus, it was a very short play list and cycled back to the first song rather quickly. The first time I heard the weird-sounding carnival music song, it really annoyed me. The second time was thinking, wow … I don’t even know what word would describe it.

For our appetizers, I ordered a crab risotto with strawberry sauce and Susanne ordered scallops with wild mushrooms. The risotto was outstanding, but I think the sweetness of the strawberries was a bit too much. Susanne’s was quite good and wild mushrooms were really tasty. The scallops could have been seared a bit better.

For dinner, Susanne had cod and I had some lamb chops. Both were outstanding. Her fish was cooked perfectly. Nice browned outside and a beautiful translucence on the inside. My chops were well cooked and the cooked carrots served with barley and finely sliced green beans were really good.

We splurged and had a dessert – a chocolate raspberry tart. Super duper yummy and not excessively sweet.

We came back and I gave Susanne a serious thrashing in Scrabble.

Sadly the score is still Susanne 3, Roger 2, and will likely continue to tilt in her favor if the online scrabble is any indicator.

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