Day 17: June 7th, Beach Fattie Babylon

Before I get started on today’s most enthralling blog post. A few pics from the last couple of days:


Today we had to switch campsites in Tillicum: moving from site 48 to 12. Kind of a pain, but it gives us a chance to dump and fill the trailer, and I am now thinking maybe we should name the trailer “Sandy,” and get set for 4 days of dry camping.

We woke up surprisingly early at 6:00 am. I had been sleeping in until an unheard-of 7:30 and 7:45 am, so 6:00 seemed really early. We took the dogs for a walk on the beach and got back to the trailer around 7:15. A bit to early to fire up the generator as it seemed like a sleepy morning for everyone, and considering the coffee pod crisis we were experiencing, we decided to drive into Yachats and get coffee there.

We hung out in the coffee shop for about an hour or so. Updated the blog and did a bit of work. They give you a chocolate covered coffee bean with your coffee. Yummy.

We came back and hung out a bit more and then packed up the trailer to get ready for the big move about 100 feet away. We were low on fresh water so I had scoped one of the faucets in the campground on the correct side of the trailer. We stopped and started filling the tank. We were totally blocking the road, so we knew that once a car showed up we would have to abandon. Well a car showed up the same time the camp host ladies showed up in their golf cart to tell we couldn’t fill up there. Oh well. But they did tell us where we could fill up, so all was good.

We drove into Waldsport and dumped and got a few supplies and headed back. Site 12 was already open, we so stopped by the camp hosts where you could fill up without being yelled at and then proceeded to the campsite. We set up, had some lunch and then took the dogs down to the beach. They were not super energetic. I think all this fun and excitement is wearing them out.

ringo and sadie

We hung outside for awhile reading in the sun and enjoying the somewhat warmer weather. I decided to take the Fattie out for a spin on the beach.

The weather warmed up and the wind died down and I just set a nice pace and cruised down the beach. It’s pretty hard work, even on the hard sand. It was really fun. People always smile at you when you are on a Fattie. Something about them; I think it reminds people of their childhood or something. I rode all the way up to Waldsport and back. It was actually a good workout!



It was a bit chilly again, so we had dinner inside the trailer. A nice pork loin with some broccoli and mushrooms. That grill has been getting quite a workout. We built a fire and hung outside for a bit, but it was pretty windy and got cold fast, so we abandoned pretty quickly to the trailer. The dogs, once again, did an admirable job of making sure the bed didn’t run away.

Another nice day.


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