Day 18: June 8th, Dreary with a chance of Sun

We had a very weird couple from Alaska camp next to us last night. They were nice enough, but weird for sure. I think she was super stoned on something. He smoked like a chimney. It was really cold and windy, and he was hanging around in his shorts. Anyway, they were gone by the time we got up in the morning.

It was very cold and dreary when we got up in the morning. We took the dogs out for a walk on the beach and then came back to the trailer and fired up the generator and made some coffee with a few of our precious pods.

I am reading the Martian. Great book. Poor guy stuck on Mars all by himself. He makes it sound bad, but I am sorry Mark Watney, that pales in comparison to the impending crisis we have coming when our coffee pods run out.

We lounged for quite awhile and the weather improved somewhat so we decided to drive up to Ona Beach where there was a great place to go SUPing on Beaver Creek. Just as we got there, the weather really improved. I blew up the SUP and headed out on the creek. Susanne took the dogs for a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful little flatwater creek that went for quite a long way. There were tons of birds and wildlife in the marsh. The wind was light and the sun even came out, so it was a really nice way to see the marsh. I paddled for about an hour and came back to the truck, deflated the SUP, and we headed up to Newport for some supplies. The one bummer about the SUP is that I don’t have a camera that I can risk taking with me, so no pics. Sorry Bodie’s Mom.


We stopped in at a Starbucks and got some Via’s to help attenuate the magnitude of the impending disaster…and a latte. We loaded up with some supplies and headed back to camp. The weather had completely cleared out and the wind had died down to nothing. The weather had called for rain all day. Yeah! Glad they got it wrong. We did another walk/photo shoot on the beach.

Ringo is super easy to get good pictures of; probably 1 in 5 come out well. Sadie is just freakin’ impossible. It has now become my mission to get some good pics of her.



We washed off the dogs and hung outside enjoying the warm weather and the sun with a glass of wine. It’s a very nice camp site. Super relaxing.


We had some dinner, built and fire and watched a gorgeous sunset.

IMG_7496fire and sunset

Here I thought it was going to be an indoors scrabble day and we end up with one of the most gorgeous days of the trip.




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