Day 19: June 9th, By the Numbers

Ok, so here’s a quick number recap for the trip so far:

  • 2020 miles driven
  • 13 MPG (again, sorry mother earth)
  • 5 states
  • 3 flat tires: one on the truck, one on the fattie and one on the MTB
  • 4 new tires
  • 1 afternoon in the Walmart parking lot
  • $25 of powerwashing
  • 9 campsites
  • 3 LG containers for Toasty
  • 0 speeding tickets

Well, the day started off nicely with a plamble down the beach with Sadie. I decided to leave Mr. Pokey Pants with Susanne because he is just totally annoying these days to run with. Right out of the gate, two tiny little yappers sprinted over to Sadie and attacked her. They were shrimpy little things with a bad attitude. I was worried Sadie was going to kill them. She finally got annoyed and nipped one. The lady finally came over to get them. For as dog reactive as Sadie is, she did a good job not making the situation worse.

We plambled down the beach and back. The knee felt better today so there was much less whining on my part.

A quick hose-off of the dogs and the short drive down to Yachats for some coffee. I think we might survive the Great Coffee Crisis of 2016.

Our coffee savior!

coffee savior

We got back and made a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs. I have to say, I really like bacon and eggs. The weather really moved as were sitting there, so it was becoming apparent that our good luck on the weather was coming to an end. It was looking like a lazy trailer day. I think the dogs were not opposed to hanging on the bed, although I will have to say, the trailer is slowly becoming a sand box. Despite the constant hosing off, it is just impossible to get all the sand off the dogs. Sadly, because they like the bed so much, a lot of it has ended up there. I believe we are going to have to take action soon; it is getting a bit uncomfortable when you climb into the sheets.


It rained hard. I read The Martian and worked on some photos. About 3 pm, the weather took a break, so I took the dogs back out to the beach for a walk. I timed it just right. I did a 4-mile walk with them and didn’t get a drop of water on me.

Some random other things:

When we went to Patagonia I brought my ice axe with me because it both (a) seemed like a useful and sturdy tool and (b) could help act as a deterrent if some one say, wanted to take my wallet. I now always pack it. Our friend Pat thinks it ridiculous. However, I will show that it once again was quite a useful tool and helped hold up the dog fence.



One other random thing I forgot to mention way back in Gerlach. I saw one of these. When is the last time you saw a pay phone booth?!


ok, back to the regularly scheduled program:

We decided to do some skewers for dinner with a really nice coconut curry marinade.  I have decide to name our grill, Toasty. He has been a very trusty companion on this trip. The rain really started coming down again right when I started cooking. It was a wet endeavor and I ran out of gas half way through. It all came out fine in the end, but the onions weren’t done and I was tired of getting soaked so I declared them as done (they were saved in a container, to be recooked later, as they were still a bit raw).

toastyWe watched a bit of news and then played Scrabble. It was another ugly board and I am sad to report that Susanne got the best of me again. Current score is 5 games to Susanne, 3 to Roger. But I feel a rally coming.


The sky cleared out a bit and we ended up getting a really nice sunset.


We watched a couple episodes of John Oliver and then called it a night.

There was a lot of sand in the bed.

Susanne was not amused.

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