Day 20: June 10th. Big Wussie

First off, a couple of sunset pics from last nights sunset with the good camera:

june 9 sunset-4june 9 sunset


It rained a lot last night, so I was expecting it to be pretty ugly when we got up in the morning. It wasn’t. It was very sunny. We took the dogs down to the beach and threw the tennis balls and walked for a while. The lighting was spectacular, but I hadn’t brought my camera along because I thought the weather was going to be bad. Oh well, I guess getting a great shot of Sadie will have to wait.

I believe we have avoided the Great Coffee Crisis of 2016. We went back into Yachats to get our coffee again and if we stop for coffee tomorrow in Waldsport, we should have enough pods to safely bring the crew back to the mothership.

The weather was still pretty iffy, so we decided to drive up to Newport and get some fresh fish and crab for dinner. We were going to utilize our nice curry marinade that we had made last night, so I decided to get some halibut which looked really good. And some crab. Yum. I was sad, the cherry guy was not out selling cherries; I was looking forward to some of those. Big wussie, can’t even sell cherries in a driving rain storm.

We headed back to camp and just chilled and read. I took the dogs out for a short stroll between rainstorms. They were happy. I finished The Martian. I really enjoyed the book. I also read “Girl on a Train” this trip. It was good, but I was a bit disappointed in the end.

By about 4, the weather cleared out and it got quite nice. We sat outside for a bit sipping some wine, and then the weather got not so nice, so we went back in and made dinner. The halibut was quite good and Susanne made an excellent crab salad. Crab and avocado is just a heavenly combination.

The weather cleared back up again and I was a bit tired of being in the trailer, so we headed out to the beach. The light was good so, I was trying to get some good pics of the dogs.



It looked like we were going to get a really nice sunset. Sadly, it petered out and wasn’t much, but it was a nice evening on the beach.

The dogs ran and around and did their usual very rough play. How they don’t break their teeth I don’t know. They do this at break neck speed!

ringo and sadie-2

ringo and sadie


It was a lazy and relaxing day.

Oh, and there is more sand in the bed. Susanne is still not amused by this.

ringo at sunsetsusanne at sunset



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